The Best Indoor Bike Trainer Reviews of 2015

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There is no need to spend hundreds on an indoor exercise bike for those colder months when you can find an indoor bike trainer that turns your everyday road and mountain bike into your new indoor cycling workout. Once weather becomes inclement, there is no reason why your bike needs to be packed away and forgotten about. Don’t let the next winter season become your excuse to gain weight and go exercise free.

On rainy days, have an indoor alternate for your outdoor workout. Open up a brand new world of usage for your bike with an indoor bike trainer. Quickly clasp your outdoor bike into one of these sturdy trainers, pump up the resistance and get your heart pumping! Listed below are reviews of some of the top indoor bike trainers on the market today. Utilize this guide to direct you towards the best indoor bike trainer for you and your workout.

Bike Trainer
Rating (out of 5 stars)
FDW Magnet Steel
Conquer Indoor Bike
Gavin Indoor
Abus Locks

1) FDW Magnet Steel Indoor Exercise Trainer

Magnetic Trainer StandThe Magnet Steel Trainer Stand offers its users five internal resistance settings to help take your workout to the next level. Keep yourself on your toes by changing your resistance throughout your workout quickly and easily. The magnets made on this device are state of the art and also help with the resistance levels.

During exercise, you will also feel the magnet gaining resistance as you pedal faster, giving you a more intense work out. Additionally, if you live in a small space, this indoor bike trainer is great for travel and storage and will quickly fold to allow for transport. Even at its largest, the dimensions are only 21.4 x 19.4 x 15.5.

Even though the unit is small, there should be no worries about its sturdiness or ability to hold the bike up through an extreme workout. It is unbelievably durable, even at its low price point. Additionally, do not disturb other members of your family or roommates as the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand is revered for its quiet design.

2) Conquer Indoor Bike Resistance Trainer

ConquerThe Conquer Indoor Bike Magnetic Resistance Work Out Trainer varies from other bike trainers as its frame is quite wide to account for stability and exercise rigor. This machine gives its users a great range of magnetic resistance and has a remote shifter that will quickly change your resistance while exercising.

Most indoor bike training models do not come with an additional remote, making it more difficult to concentrate while exercising if you need to consistently bend down to switch resistance. The bike trainer comes available fully assembled and easy to set up so that you can quickly get your bike on it and in working order.

To do so, a large lever is constructed into the side of the machine so you can quickly push down to lock your bike securely into place. This lever is instrumental in making your transition from outdoor to indoor workouts seamless. The only seemingly negative thing about this bike is it can be a bit noisier than the rest of the bike trainers available, but if you listen to headphones or watch tv while working out, this should not be too much of an issue.

3) Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine

Kurt KineticThe Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer is a stellar product that comes with a lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy, so buyers have peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong, their purchase will be immediately replaced. No other indoor bike trainer on the market has this type of guarantee.

This indoor bike trainer strives to have its users feel as though they are out on the road by utilizing a 6.25 pound flywheel built into it. This flywheel ensures a smooth ride and a realistic coasting feel. For safety purposes, The Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainers come complete with fluid transfers, constructed from 80 cast aluminum cooling fins.

This ensures that no user burns themselves from the friction of the wheel on the mechanism after a long ride, and is a unique from other indoor bike trainers available. In addition to being applicable with road bikes or mountain bikes, this bike trainer also works with specialty bikes, such as BMX bikes or bikes with smaller wheels (22-29 inches).

4) Gavin Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

GavinThe Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand by Gavin is known for sturdy craftsman ship with an extra wide frame to give riders peace of mind during workouts that require stability. The Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand also utilizes magnetic resistance, so that as you pedal faster, the resistance increases along with the pedaling.

Unfortunately, not all indoor bike trainers come complete with a front wheel riser block, which keeps your front wheel in place, but the Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand does. What is even more unfortunate is most bike trainers are not upfront about whether or not they include this wheel riser, so make sure to inquire beforehand.

If the wheel riser is included, you can utilize your new bike trainer right out of the box, as it comes already assembled. This model is extremely useful for anyone with a small living space or someone who would need to store the trainer often, as its size is small and the frame folds away quickly and is one of the lightest on the market at only 16.5 pounds.

5) RAD Cycle Products Magnetic Work Out Trainer

Rad TrainerThe RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer has a unique frame design, different from all indoor bike trainers available. If features separate, double legs to ensure stability and durability. Users are quite happy with how durable the product is, especially considering its compact frame.

This indoor bike trainer also has an internal magnet to create resistance. Being that the magnet is internal, it makes the pedaling much quieter than most indoor bike trainers. Additionally, the magnets add a lot of resistance, which is easily adjustable. The RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer has “portable” in its name for a reason.

It folds down to a very compact shape, one so small and easily folded that you could put it away after every workout. The RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer also has a low price point for the quality, so if you’ve never tried this type of workout before and are unsure about the results, this is a good choice for indoor bike trainer beginners.

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