The Best Cheap Folding Bikes

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Folding bicycles are an appealing option for commuters and frequent travelers who need a bicycle that is easy to carry with them as they use public transportation, drive small cars, or fly. Folding bicycles also fit into small spaces such as offices and apartments. Good folding bicycles should be, above all, durable and easy to use. Folding and unfolding should not take more than a few steps, so as to make the process automatic and simple. In addition, these bicycles should be made of quality parts that will last over time, and come in at an affordable price. A light weight is also preferable, since riders tend to carry them around quite a bit. The following bicycles offer riders all of these features. In addition, other appealing characteristics, such as multiple speeds, ease of assembly, amenities like cargo racks and mudguards are included with some of these options. The result are bikes that should appeal to any commuter needing a way to get around quickly and conveniently.

Folding Bikes
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Schwinn 20-Inch Loop
Stowabike 20-Inch Shimano
Stowabike 26-Inch Shimano
Best Choice Products 20-Inch
Dahon Speed Uno

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Review

Schwinn Loop ReviewThe Schwinn 20-inch Loop folding bike is one of the best folding bikes for its price on the market today. The bicycle is designed for easy setup and use, requiring only the addition of a pedal for it to be road-ready. The Loop takes only a few minutes to set up and is easy to remove from the box as well as prepare for riding. In addition, the Loop sports a frame that is low to the ground to make mounting and dismounting the bike easier and faster for the rider. In addition to its ease of setup and use, it folds down easily into a compact 30 in.x 32 in. x 11 in. This size is small enough to fit into a small camper, apartment, or office. As a result, consumers report being able to use the bike to commute back and forth in cramped urban settings, as well as bring the bike along with them on camping trips and travels. Other amenities include seven speeds, a cargo rack and a nylon carrying bag. The result is a portable, compact, and easy to use bicycle for a relatively inexpensive price.

Stowabike 20-Inch Shimano Review

Stowabike City ReviewThe Stowabike 20-inch Shimano bike is the ideal folding bicycle for traveling in urban or otherwise cramped settings. Owners report successfully using the Shimano in the city, on sailing trips, and during frequent flights and other trips where they needed to store the bike in hotel rooms, offices, apartments, lockers, and other small spaces. This Stowabike folds up into an extremely compact 24 in. x 34 in. by 32 in. It boasts the type of amenities any commuter needs to successfully make their trips back and forth from work, including wide mudguards to protect the traveler’s clothing, rear cargo racks for storing bags, and a relatively light weight of 35 pounds. Its six speeds make it easy for consumers to adjust their speed whenever necessary. Consumers report that once folded, the bike is easy to carry, and are generally pleased with its overall performance. They also report that the Stowabike Shimano can be assembled in less than 20 minutes, can be easily folded down for quick storage, and can withstand daily usage.

Stowabike 26-Inch Shimano Mountain Bike Review

Shimano Mountain Bike ReviewThe Stowabike Shimano 26-Inch folding dual suspension mountain bike is an exceptional value for its cost. This bicycle is a high-quality mountain bike, made of durable Shimano parts. Consumers report being generally satisfied with the performance of the bike, even when subjected to everyday usage. In addition, it boasts 18 speeds for extreme versatility in usage. It also boasts a dual suspension, making it an outstanding performer. In addition, the Shimano mountain bike also folds into a compact 39 in. x 35 in. x 23.5 in. size that makes it ideal for storage in small spaces. As a result, it offers an appealing option for riders who want to commute to work, or who utilize public transportation as part of their route to work. Consumers have also purchased this bicycle and found it small enough for storage in small cars or other small spaces where a regularly-sized bike might not fit. The Stowabike Shimano mountain bike is easy to put together, with consumers reporting minimal effort in assembling the bike and readying it for usage.

Best Choice Products 20-Inch Review

Best Choice Products Folding Bike ReviewThe 20-inch folding bicycle from Best Choice is a basic but reliable folding bicycle for commuters and others who need to store or transport their bicycles in small spaces. The Best Choice provides consumers with a number of advantages. The first is that this bicycle requires no assembly, except for a bit of adjustment right out of the box. As a result, it saves the consumer time and hassle, especially for consumers who are not mechanically inclined. In general, the Best Choice boasts durable, quality material with construction that make it able to withstand regular usage and hold riders of up to 250 pounds. The height of the seat and the handlebar are adjustable to allow the consumer to customize the bicycle for the individual user. It folds into a compact size at a lightweight 32 pounds. Consumers report being satisfied with the quality and overall performance.


Dahon Speed Uno Review

Dahon Speed Uno ReviewThe Daho Uno folding bike is an affordable and appealing single-speed folding bicycle. The Uno stands out from the competition in a number of ways. First, the Uno boasts a magnetic latching system. This system works more effectively than others are keeping the bicycle folded into its compact 11.7 in. x 30 in. x 25 in. size. Second, it is extremely lightweight. At just over 24 pounds, it is exceptionally easy to carry around. Third, it boasts double locks that guarantee the bike locks into place and stays locked for stability. Finally, the bicycle is simple to assemble and use. It only offer one speed, making it perfect for commuters who travel primarily over flat surfaces, and a rear brake that allows it to stop when the rider pedals backward. The Uno fits riders from 4ft. 8in. tall to 6ft. 4 in. tall and up to 230 pounds in weight. Consumers report being pleased with its ease of use, even on public transportation, making it an well-reviewed as well as high quality folding bike.

Do you have any of these bikes? How do you like them? Are there any we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!

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