Which Is The Best Bike Rack for Hatchbacks?

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Which bike racks are the best for hatchbacks? Bicycle racks are a must for anyone who wants to do ride bikes away from the hustle and bustle of their neighborhood streets. Whether heading over to a local trail, driving to a weekend getaway, or traveling cross-country, having a way to safely take the bike along is a necessity. For the owners of hatchbacks, a hitch-mount bike rack, which attaches to the hitch at the rear of the vehicle, offers a number of benefits.

For instance, this type of bike rack is typically designed to offer easy access to the rear of the vehicle by folding up or down. They can also carry more bikes than other types of bike racks, allowing the rider to transport an entire family’s worth of bicycles even though they own a relatively small car. They are also usually easy to remove when not in use. The best hitch mount bike racks also offer wobble prevention elements that allow them to ride securely on the hitch and are easy to use with a wide variety of bikes.

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Allen Sports Deluxe

Pro Series Eclipse


Hollywood Racks


Allen Sports Deluxe 3-Bike Mount Rack

Allen Sport DeluxeThe Allen Deluxe 3-bike hitch mount rack is designed to fit on either 1.25 or 2 inch hitches for maximum versatility. In addition, this bike rack, which can hold up to 3 bicycles for a family or group of friends, provides a reliable anti-wobble pin that allows the Deluxe to sit securely on the hitch, even over bumpy roads. Easy to use, consumers report that the Deluxe installs in just a few minutes. Allen’s one-of-a-kind tie down system for securing the bicycles also ensures that they remain safely in their carry arms for the duration of the trip, while consumers also report that the bike rack is solidly designed and carefully manufactured. In addition, this bike rack is designed to fit a variety of bicycles, including men’s bikes, women’s bikes, varying frames and crossbars, and more. Other features of this bike rack include the ability for the carry arms to fold down when not in use and the ability of the entire rack itself to move to provide access to the rear of the vehicle. The result is a sturdy, reliable, and convenient way to transport multiple bicycles on either long or short car rides.

Pro Series 63124 Eclipse 4-Bike Carrier

Pro Series EclipseThe Pro Series 63124 Eclipse, which fits onto a 2-inch hitch, is designed to carry up to 4 bicycles safely and securely. This bike rack accomplishes its goals with a set of features that outperform its $100 price tag. For instance, consumers report that the low price does not affect construction, which they find to be high-quality and suitable for transporting bicycles on long trips. In addition, this Eclipse offers a system for securing the bicycle that allows it accommodate a wide variety of single suspension bicycles and, because it can carry up to four at one time, it can accommodate a group’s needs on a trip. Designed for convenience, the bike rack moves out from the car even with the bicycles attached to offer access to the rear of the car, while an included reflector provides added safety for night trips. Its anti-wobble element consists of a threaded pin for added stability, creating a secure, safe, and reliable bike rack.

Prorack 2-Bike Hitch Platform

Prorack 2 Bike PlatformThe 2-bike hitch platform from Prorack can securely transport up to two bikes weighing a total of 40 pounds. Due to adjustable features such as the wheel straps, this bike rack can accommodate men’s, women’s, and children’s bicycles, as well as bicycles with and without crossbars. As a result, it provides an ideal choice for anyone looking to transport a variety of bicycles. Its versatility is amplified by the fact that it can fit both 1.25 inch and 2 inch hitches. Consumers report that the Prorack is easy to install and easy to use. The rack’s ability to fold down when not in use, as well as tilt to provide access to the rear of the vehicle, make it a convenient product for those who do not want to remove their bike rack every time they are finished toting their bicycles around. Other features include a threaded pin to maintain stability, an affordable price of around $140, and a 3-year limited warranty to give the consumer peace of mind.

Hollywood Racks HR1400 Sport Rider SE

Hollywood HR1400 Sport RiderThe HR1400 4-bike hitch mount rack from Hollywood Racks is an ideal bike rack for bicycles that do not fit into other bike racks. The HR1400 is designed to hold any type of bicycle: Men’s, women’s, or children’s, of almost any variety. For instance, consumers report successfully and easily loading bicycles with thick frames, with crossbars, and without crossbars. The HR1400’s versatility is due to its adjustable wheel loops and padded clamps that hold the bicycle. In addition, the HR1400 is a good choice for carrying multiple bicycles because of its 4-bike capacity. This bike rack also provides stability, with consumers reporting a secure and safe hold. This bike rack folds easily to make it simpler to store and to allow the rear door of the vehicle to open for easy access even while the HR1400 is attached. Other features include a limited warranty for peace of mind, a sturdy construction that receives praise from consumers, and a design that makes it easy to install and use.

Swagman XC Cross-Country Rack

Swagman XC Cross-CountryVersatility, ease, and performance characterize the Swagman XC Cross-Country bike rack. This hitch mount bike rack can carry one or two bicycles securely on either 1.25 inch or 2 inch hitches. Its versatility extends to its ability to handle a variety of bike frames. The rack can fit any frame of up to 59 centimeters. The wheel holders are also adjustable, and consumers report that it works well with either men’s bicycles or women’s bicycles as well. The Swagman XC is also easy to use. Consumers report that assembly and installation takes a matter of minutes, and that loading the bicycles onto the rack is easy. The Swagman XC offers small details that improve its performance and quality, such as padded clamps that prevent damage when locked onto the bicycles. In addition, this bike rack folds together into a compact form for easy storage. When the rack is installed on the car, it can be adjusted to provide easy access into the rear of the car with the removal of a single pin. These features make the Swagman XC an ideal bike rack for anyone needing to transport one or two bicycles easily, securely and reliably.

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