Top 5 Bike Shorts for Women

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Bike shorts are more than just a fashionable piece of clothing for cyclists. Instead, they serve a vital role in protecting and soothing the cyclists’ body from the rigors of the bike ride. The best bike shorts for women are designed with the woman’s anatomy in mind. This provides as much support as possible for her. The best bike shorts are made of quality material that helps to keep the skin dry. This includes padding, design features that support the body, prevention of rubbing and chafing. These may also come with liners that offer further support and comfort during the ride. Other features to look for in women’s bike shorts include details like key pockets or reflective features that provide increased visibility for night rides. Cyclists should also consider whether the shorts have leg grippers or elastic waistbands that may tighten or rub painfully over the course of the bike ride. The following bike shorts possess these features, as well as reputations for durability, quality, and excellent performance. As a result, they make good choices for any woman looking for a comfortable and supportive pair of shorts for her cycling trips.

Bike Shorts
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Champion Double Dry 7
Santic Cycling
Padded Classic
Pearl Izumi

1) Champion Women Double Dry 7

champion Women Double DryChampion’s double dry bike shorts for women are designed to provide maximum comfort and dryness for women, whether they are running or biking. The shorts, which are made out of a combination of cotton and spandex, offer exceptional comfort through the use of Champion’s Double Dry fabric, which prevents moisture build up that can cause discomfort. In addition, details such as flat seams and a snug fit prevent rubbing that can cause irritation over time. These shorts receive praise from consumers for their comfortable and secure fit and for their ability to prevent chafing during exercise. The shorts fall to just above the knee and may be rolled up for women who want a shorter look or want to wear the shorts underneath other clothing, such as dresses. Other features include a crotch liner and comfortable waistband that, together with the shorts’ other features, create a comfortable and snug pair of shorts for any type of exercise.

2) Santic Cycling Compression Shorts

Santic Women's ShortsThe cycling shorts from Santic are a high-quality pair of shorts that  offer top-notch protection against rubbing and chafing during bicycle rides. These shorts are made of tricot fabric designed to be soft and to stretch four ways in order to move comfortably with the movement of the cyclist’s body. The material is also designed to prevent moisture from reaching and staying near the skin, thereby preventing the irritation that accompany sweating during a long bike ride. The two-panel, flat-seam construction also emphasizes comfort and prevents the seams from rubbing against the skin and creating discomfort during the bike ride. The material is also antibacterial to prevent unpleasant odors, even on long bike rides. In addition to its excellent construction and material, the Santic shorts receive praise from consumers for their performance. They generally receive positive reviews for their comfortable fit when purchased a couple sizes larger than what the rider usually wears. At about $24 a pair, they also receive affirmation from consumers for being a good value for the price. As a result, they are thoughtfully designed, reliable bike shorts for long or short rides.

3) Women’s Padded Classic

Women's Padded ClassicThese women’s padded classic bike shorts provide maximum comfort for riding. They are made out of a four-way tricot fabric that is designed to stretch to comfortably accommodate the rider’s body while they are pedaling. In addition, it lacks leg grippers than can cause tightness and discomfort over the course of a ride, and boast a two-panel, seamless design that minimizes rough areas where chafing could occur. The chamois pad inside the shorts is covered in micro fleece to offer softness and minimize chafing against the crotch area. In addition, the lining of the pad is antibacterial to reduce odors. Consumers report that these shorts are durable, holding up over the long-term. Even beginning riders report that these shorts help to reduce the discomfort associated with getting used to long bicycle rides. The shorts also receive praise for their ability to conform to the rider’s body instead of chafing against it. The result is a well-regarded, comfortable, and durable product that makes cycling more comfortable and more fun.

4) Pearl Izumi Women’s Quest

Pearl Izumi QuestThe Pearl Izumi Quest shorts provide a comfortable fit designed to protect from chafing during bicycle rides as well as reflective features to provide visibility in the dark. These shorts, which are made out of a combination of spandex and nylon, also sport women’s 3D chamois for maximum comfort. In addition, they possess silicone leg grippers and receive praise from consumers for their soft feel. Consumers also report that these form to the body well, while riding and while simply walking around to create a sleek look without compromising comfort during the ride. They fall to just above the knees in order to offer protection over the thighs. Riders find that these shorts run a bit small, but as long as the rider purchases a size smaller than they otherwise would, these shorts are reported to fit well. In addition, these shorts receive praise for their comfortable padding and their durability. The result is a reliable way to prevent chafing during bicycle rides.

5) CW-X Conditioning Wear

CW-X Conditioning WearThe CW-X conditioning pro shorts are designed not only to be soft and comfortable on bike rides or run but are designed to provide crucial support to the back, thighs, and hips. As a result, they minimize discomfort, and encourage the wearer to run or bike longer because of the reduction in fatigue. This support is available through a back support feature that sits against the lower back of the wearer and a hamstring suspension feature that offers support from the hamstrings. In addition, the shorts are designed specifically for women, allowing them to provide maximum support for the woman’s figure. The Coolmax fabric that constitutes 80 percent of the shorts draws sweat and moisture away from the skin in order to cool the rider down and prevent irritation. Flat seams prevent chafing during runs and bicycle rides, while a 40+ UV protection, reflective features for greater visibility, and a pocket for holding keys complete the numerous thoughtful details that make these shorts a rewarding experience. Consumers praise the CW-X shorts for their quality and comfort and find them to be effective at reducing soreness during exercise. The result is a high-quality, extremely effective, and carefully engineered pair of shorts.

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