The Best 1000 Lumen Bike Lights

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One can ride bicycles for fun or as a mean of transportation and commute, but in any case, the safety of the rider should never be compromised. One of the most common compromises bike riders make is getting cheap and weak bike lights. Cheap lights will certainly serve the purpose to some extent, at least the other bikes and pedestrians will be able to notice you along bike paths. But long road tours and all rides involving use of roadways  normally open for cars require good lighting. These lights not just let others see you riding, but also allow you to see things in front of your bike much clearer.

Until recently, powerful lights were expensive and required heavy batteries, and were real burden when riding. With the development of LED lamps which produce quality, natural light and high capacity rechargeable batteries, good night vision and visibility for bike riders became reality.

Here are some of advantages of modern 1000 lumen LED lights:

  • Safety:  1000 lumen light beam is so powerful that anyone respecting the speed limit on a roadway will certainly spot you on time. It will also be enough for pedestrians approached from the back. Even they will be able to see the beam of light which is as powerful as a headlight of a car. Additionally, you will be able to spot some obstacles on the road which can’t be seen with a cheap low power light and can do you much harm: crush your bike or leave a tire flat.
  • Increased vision  High quality LED lights emit a natural white color, and 1000 lumen of it will give you power of night vision you have when driving a car or motorbike. With such lights you can clearly see all objects in front of you. If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, you will be able to use forest paths at night, as you can see all obstacles, such as tree trunks or rocks from a fair distance.
  • Ease of use and economy: LED lights are durable and can last for several tens of thousands hours. Practically, there’s no risk that LED will die off quickly. Another important advantage is little power consumption, which means longer life of the battery.  These lights, unlike classic tungsten or halogen lights are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow or mud.

There are many 1000 lumen bike lights around on the market, some are sold at suspiciously low prices, while others may have hefty price tag and represent an unnecessary splurge, so we bring you five of the best 1000 lumen bike lights. Note that each of them distinguish from others by some specific features, but good night vision and visibility is common for all.

Bright Eyes Rechargeable 1200 Lumens Bike Headlight


This powerful 1200 lumen universal bike and headlight comes with a free tail light, all at a rather fair price. The light itself uses triple Velcro belt for attaching to the bike or helmet. The pack comes with an external rechargeable waterproof battery which allows approx. 2 hours and a half of lighting at the highest light setting. The entire gear including the lamp, battery and other components can be considered rugged and are ideal for dirt bike riders who need a budget, yet powerful light for biking in all conditions.


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This light is a complete solution for riders who want universal night illumination solution, which can easily be detached from the bike to the helmet or held in a hand in various activities. Free tail light is a great gift, so you will not need additional purchases of lighting items.

Blitzu Halo 960 Lumens XM-L2 LED Rechargeable Light


The need for daytime running light has increased, and in some parts of the world having them is mandatory for all cars. Bike riders now often see advantages of having the lights on while riding at daylight, especially on cloudy and dark days. Your daylight visibility depends on the colors of your bike and what you wear, but having a light turned on is more than welcome. When drivers see a light they’re certain you’re on the move, which is not always the case with reflexive or light color jerseys.


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One distinctive feature of this lamp is the angel eye, known feature of some luxury cars and among car tuning enthusiasts. An angel eye will make you even more noticeable on the road – drivers don’t normally expect it on a bicycle and aren’t used to it, and it will  certainly draw their attention. Besides that, this light features a rechargeable battery that and gives you four hours of brightest lighting. The lamp comes in a very durable aluminum case and is resistant in all conditions.

CatEye Volt 1200 Headlight


Even among bike lights there are premium brands you can confide in. Cateye is the global leader in bike light and cycling computer industries. It’s the choice of competitive and professional cyclists. Most recreation bikers also opt for Cateye whenever their budget allows them.

Cateye Volt 1200 is a strong lamp with integral battery case and two lamps of 600 lumen each. The battery has 6200mAh allowing for two hours of 1200 lumen lighting and can be charged via USB. This headlight is not a budget one, but Cateye is a specialist in giving bikers the best so it certainly can justify the very last penny you invest in it.


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Whichever light you chose you can be sure that it will give you an improved safety on and off the road and let you ride late in the night. If your working hours don’t allow you enough daylight for your bike riding passion, these lights will turn it into your regular evening fun. And you will be able to use bike as a mean of everyday commuting no matter what part of the day your work begins or ends.


iBaste Gree XM-L 2 with 1000 Lumen Light


This is a powerful, modern-designed light which aims off-road enthusiasts and mountain bikers. It has two strong LED lamps which provide a good coverage of the terrain in front of the rider. The main advantage of this light is its very lasting 4400 mAh battery and the manufacturer claims it can last more than 3 hours of 1000 lumen illumination.

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There are settings for 450 and 150 lumen, and strobe with 500-1000 lumen range. The fixed frame makes the light easy to remove when parking your bike. This light is ideal for people who like long trips at night, especially off road.  Its “aggressive” design makes it look good on a downhill or a stunt bike.

1000 Lumen Powerful Thumb Sized LED Bike Light


Amped Bike Lights brings a bit distinctive solution: a supercompact 1000 lumen bike light. This tiny 64 grams lamp comes with a separate 2200 mAh battery giving three hours of light at  max brightness. The highly weatherproof light one can attach to the handlebar or helmet is equipped with low battery warning light.


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Once it happens, the rider can lower the brightness down to 70%, 40% and 10%. While the light is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, the battery pack is in protective silicone porch making the entire lighting system waterproof.This light is ideal for anyone with minimalistic approach to things. The tiny lamp best fits light road bikes and fixie bikes, as it doesn’t add sporty look where it’s not really needed.



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