The 5 Best Commuter Bicycle Panniers

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Commuters who use their bicycles to go to and from work, school, or even the grocery store will find it necessary to store their supplies somewhere on their bicycles while they ride. Backpacks can cause uncomfortable sweating. Panniers, because they attach to the bike rack, provide a more comfortable way to carry these supplies, and tend to be more spacious than the average backpack. The best panniers provide a number of features to maximize comfort and space.

For instance, a well-built pannier will offer lots of room without being so wide as to interfered with the operation of the bicycle. Additionally, it will fit securely to the bicycle so as to prevent wobbling. Other features that panniers may possess include reflective stripes and light clips to make them more visible at night. The construction is out of quality nylon that will allow it to stand up to the elements as well as wear and tear. These are offered in a lightweight package to minimize the added burden on the bicycle. The following panniers offer these features and therefore are appealing options for commuting bicyclists.

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Avenir Excursion
Avenir Metro
Avenir Excursion Large

Avenir Excursion Rack-Top Review

Avenir Rack Top Bag ReviewThis rack-top bag from Avenir provides bicyclists with a large amount of added storage in a durable form. The bag, which provides 830 cubic inches of space for storing everything from bike gear to food, is designed to attach securely to the bike’s rack. Consumers report that the velcro system works very well and takes less than a minute to use to secure the bag.

They also report that the bag is large enough to hold a variety of items, such as clothes or small books. The Excursion’s material is designed to resist the bumps and elements during riding, with 600-denier polyester and receives praise for its high quality. For added safety and visibility, the Excursion also comes with reflective stripes and a reflective clip in the back.

In addition to allowing for the safe transportation of bike gear, the bag allows riders to transport cold or hot food because it is insulated. The result is a flexible, durable bag that is ideal for carrying items anywhere the rider needs.

M-Wave Double Day Tripper Review

M-Wave Double Day ReviewThe double bicycle pannier from M-Wave possesses huge storage capacity in a lightweight and convenient form. The pannier is 12 in. long, 10 in. wide, and 7 in. deep, for 3 liters of storage capacity. Consumers report that these two bags together are large enough to carry a week’s worth of groceries for one person, or enough clothing, gear, and supplies for a family bicycle trip.

As a result, they offer riders significant room for shopping trips, bike trips, and other rides that require space to store supplies. The bags can be connected to each other or separate and, when connected, have a handle in the middle. The handle and light weight make them ideal for carrying. Their waterproof 600-denier nylon construction make them durable enough to leave outside.

They receive praise from consumers for their secure attachment to the back rack on the bicycle and for the quality of their construction relative to their excellent price. Other features that make these bags a good choice include reflective stripes for greater visibility at night, netting in the back, and a plastic frame for added stability.

Avenir Metro Review

Avenir Metro ReviewThe Avenir Metro panniers offer ample storage space for bicyclists who routinely need to carry significant amounts of supplies. At 1,380 cubic inches, these panniers will hold two gallon jugs of milk each.

Alternatively, they can hold other groceries, clothing, first aid kits, gear, towels, snacks, bike locks, and almost any other supply the bicyclist needs on their trip. Consumers report even being able to take bike trips of hundreds of miles using these storage bags. The panniers are designed to attach securely to the bicycle rack. They utilize bungee cords to prevent wobbling and a plastic frame to hold the bags securely against the back of the rack.

As a result, the Metros have a reputation for not wobbling during a ride. In addition to a secure attachment and plenty of room, these panniers stand out from the competition because of their internal pockets that make it easy to store and find smaller items, as well as reflective stripes around the sides that improve visibility in the dark. They even come with a clip where the rider can attach a light for even greater safety. The result is a durable, reliable, and large bike storage solution.

Ibera Bike Pannier Review

Ibera Bike Pannier ReviewThe Ibera panniers are stylish and high-quality storage solutions for bikes. These storage bags sport bright contrasting colors against a black finish to give them a high-quality look. The sleek looks reflects the careful design and durability of the product. Designed for versatility and convenience, the Ibera panniers can be carried separately from each other or attached together on the bicycle.

When taken apart, one of the bags can be attached to an included shoulder strap and used as a shoulder bag. These panniers also set themselves apart from the competition by the presence of elastic document holders to make them an ideal storage area for commuters or students who must bring papers back and forth from work pr school.

Other details include a slanted design that prevent the bags from getting bumped or caught on the bicycle and reflective stripes that add safety during nighttime rides. Consumers report that the Ibera panniers are durable and easy to use. At 12 in. x 5 in. x 11 in., they offer just enough space for commuters and others who take short rides.

Avenir Excursion Large Review

Avenir Large Excursion ReviewThe Avenir Excursion panniers offer 1700 cubic inches of storage space for commuters looking for a way to conveniently transport supplies to and from work, school, or the grocery store. Consumers report that these bags work well for carrying small grocery trips, as well as other supplies such as changes of clothes, office supplies, and bicycle gear. They also report that the Excursion holds up well over time. The bags are made of 600-denier nylon for durability.

In addition, they come with a rain covers to protect the bags and their contents from damage if one must bike in the rain. The bags, in addition to being constructed of quality material, fit relatively easily on the bicycle and provide a secure fit. The two main storage areas are complemented by four outer pockets for smaller items and added storage. In addition to its ample storage and high quality, the Excursion comes with reflective striping for safety during nighttime rides. The result is a reliable, large, and appealing pannier for commuting bicyclists.

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