Review of 7 Brightest Bicycle Tail Light

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Are you looking for reasons to buy the absolute brightest bicycle tail light available? Many people don’t give enough attention to proper bike safety, especially when it comes to tail lights. Experienced bikers know this is very important. Rather than just choosing a simple reflector, we always highly recommend that you buy one of the best tail lights for your bike; especially if you often ride during dark hours. Since most state laws (check your state’s requirements) require you to ride your bike in the same direction as traffic, it is very important that drivers notice you from behind in order to avoid any accidents.

A couple common sense items should be to wear a bicycle helmet, (full face helmets obviously offer more protection) and at bare minimum, have reflectors on the front and back of your bike. However, after learning from a few unfortunate accidents, the police department of Columbia, Missouri made it compulsory to have tail lights. They have even given away around 200 headlights and tail light sets to cyclists in the area.

We have compiled a list of 7 of the brightest bicycle tail lights along with all their pros and cons + price details (a few even have discounts running currently on Amazon). Check out the detailed reviews after the following table.

Rear Lights
Average Life [hours:minutes]
Brightness [lumens]

NiteRider Solas

Cygolite Hotshot

Serfas Thunderbolt

Portland Design Works Aether Demon

Supernova E3 2
NA, Dynamo

Exposure Tracer

Trelock LS 820
NA, Dynamo

1. Trelock LS 820 Taillight

Trelock is a reputable name in bicycle lighting industries, it is a dynamo powered tail light (save on batteries and use [wo]man-power). It comes with standing light and different LED systems. It has an all new innovative break light which senses and keeps you visible in low-speed and low light areas.

Trelock LS 820 Rear Light - 1

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This follows the German StVo standards and the mounting is surprisingly easy too with an adjustable mounting (50mm to 80mm).


2.Exposure Lights 75 Lumen Tracer Taillight

A cable free and sleek tail light with 75 lumens of brightness, enough to be seen during the day! Because of that, this is the most expensive light in this review. It is a battery operated tail light capable of running for 3 hours on continuous mode and 22 hours for flashing mode.


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This is very lightweight (pun intended!) at 39 grams. Be sure to pick it up from Amazon and don’t forget to pick up the seat post mount too! At the time of this writing, the tail light-seat post combo can be purchased here.


3. Supernova E3 2 Taillight

This 100% waterproof and dazzling rear light can be mounted on your seat. A work of fine art, crafted by CNC machines and equipped with dynamo power so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries.

Supernova E3 2 Taillight - 3

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It only weights 18 grams and since it’s mounted with bike seat, there is less of a chance of it being stolen. The package comes with the light and mounting instructions.

4. Portland Design Works Aether Demon USB Tail Light

Demon USB tail light is perfect if you’re looking to buy a light which you can charge with USB charger. It uses a .5 watt LED bulb which emits enough light to keep you visible even during day time.

Portland Design Works Aether Demon USB Tail Light - 4

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It has 4 modes and in group riding mode it can run up to 175 hours. If kept on constantly, it can run up to 4 hours. To check out the current price, click here.

5. Serfas Thunderbolt USB Taillight

Serfas Thunderbolt USB Taillight is the perfect package of safety and style at affordable price range. Serfas provides style at night with its 35 lumens of pure LED light. This has USB charging and reaches full charge in just 3.5 hours.

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There are good mounting settings and a water-resistant body means you can ride this through light rain (don’t go dunking this in water though). It can run for around 9 hours with its low blinking mode, with its high beam mode it can run for 1.75 hours. Serfas thunderbolt comes in various colors and sizes, prices vary, please follow this link to see what is available.

6. Cygolite Hotshot 2-Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight

Cygolite is the brand you can trust blindly, here we present Cygolite’s latest product Hotshot-2. It has integreated Cygolite’s 20 years of experience in building bicycle tailights. Hotshot comes with 2-watt high intensity LED lights for maximum visibility, Li-ion batteries and USB cable for charging it.

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The Hotshot comes with features to adjust the flashing duration and is has 5 flashing modes built-in with run times of 4.5 hours to 500 hours in a single charge! Whhe wall charger as well as USB cable so you can charge with your computer as well. Pick this up from Amazon here.

7. NiteRider Solas 2-Watt USB Taillight

NiteRider is an established name in the optics industries. Solas is an awesome product from NiteRider; A 2-watt USB-compatible taillight for the commuters who peddle during dark hours. The powerful 2-Watt LED will be sure to light up the road before you.

NiteRider Solas 2-Watt USB TailLight

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Mounting options include the seat. Solas comes with four modes, 2 flashing and 2 steady. With the steady and flashing modes mode it can run up to 4-5 hours and 36 hours, respectively. To buy it from Amazon click here.



This was the review of brightest bicycle taillights. Do you think we missed anything? Do you use any of the taillights mentioned? Do you have any opinion to improve this article? Please leave your suggestions and comment below.

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