Citizen Folding Bikes Reviews

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The Citizen bicycle company has established itself as a relevant American company specializing in folding bikes for the average person. The company has a passion for making high-quality folding bikes available at an affordable price. The company focuses on creating a comprehensive package that is accessible to consumers on a budget. For instance, in addition to economy, Citizen strives to make its products beautiful, high-quality, compact, and reliable.

Citizen’s line of bicycles includes both folding and portable bikes. Each bike follows the company’s motto of “Going and Being Human,” by offering consumers products that allow them to travel easily on a bicycle, whether they are commuting, recreating, or relaxing. These bicycles possess features such as lightweight frames, ease of folding, and a small folded size. These features allow all of Citizen’s bicycles to fit into small places and make them easy to carry when necessary, allowing consumers to ride, carry, and store them wherever they need to go.

At the same time, each bicycle in Citizen’s line is designed slightly differently to fit a whole array of consumer needs. For instance, some are designed with style and beauty at the forefront. Others are designed to be commuting bikes, and others are intended to be used for fun as the consumer travels and explores. As a result, each bike varies slightly in the exact features it possesses. For instance, one possesses a low frame to improve mounting and dismounting, while another possesses seven gears instead of three. Regardless of the specific features, however, Citizen ensures that all of its bicycles come in at a low price and with a generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty to give consumers peace of mind. The result is a company that is devoted to the experience of its consumers and the affordability of its top quality products.

Gotham7 Folding Bicycle Review

Gotham7The Gotham 7 bicycle from Citizen is one of the company’s line of Gotham bicycles. Like the other bicycles in this line, it combines a sporty look with a lightweight frame and speedy urban performance. This bicycle is ideal for anyone commuting within the city, but is durable and fast enough to be used in longer rides around the country.


• Weight: 28-30 pounds
• Folded dimension: 33.5 in. x 25 in. x 14 in.
• Fold time: Less than a minute
• Rider max weight: 220 lb.
• Rider height: 5 ft. to 6 ft.
• Material: Alloy
• Speeds: 7
• Wheel size: 20 in.
• Accessories: Accessories from fenders to smartphone bags may be added for extra expense

The Gotham 7 from Citizen is one of the most recent versions of the Gotham series of bicycles for which Citizen has become known. This series emphasizes a combination of speed and sporty, to create bicycles that are stylish commuting bicycles. The Gotham 7 fits into this mold with clean lines and details such as sleek colors (including gray and white). In addition to its stunning appearance, its design details lend a lighter feel to the Gotham 7. For instance, the frame and many of the individual parts are constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy that make each piece lighter than those constructed of other materials. While the bicycle is not as light as other folding bicycles, this construction makes it portable on trains or other means of public transportation for commuters. In addition to its sporty look and lightweight feel, the Gotham 7 possesses fenders and other features that make it more convenient to use, while still maintaining its ability to fold up.

Like other folding bicycles, the Gotham 7 is designed to become compact and portable when folded so as to be more easily transported and stored in public transportation, offices, and small apartments. The folding design is not as compact and ideal as other bicycles possess. For instance, it does not latch together when folded, meaning that it can unfold if held or stored incorrectly. However, the Gotham 7 boasts a relatively low price tag that can make up for this inconvenience and makes this sleek, speedy bike ideal for city commuters on a budget.

Miami Folding Bicycle Review

Citizen_MiamiThe Miami folding bike from Citizen provides a quality bicycle for a very low price. Designed primarily with cost effectiveness in mind, these bicycles embody Citizen’s vision of affordable and accessible bicycles for everyone. As a result, they make an ideal choice for any commuter looking for an inexpensive, compact, and pleasant bicycle to ride around town.


• Weight: 32 pounds
• Material: Steel
• Price: Around $200
• Wheel size: 20 in.
• Speeds: 6
• Colors: Blue, red, gray, green, magenta, orange
• Accessories: Accessories may be added for extra expense. They include rear rack, carrying saddle, pump, folding basket, and LED lights.

At around $200, the Citizen Miami’s most appealing feature is its price. The low cost is part of the company’s goals in developing this bicycle and is in keeping with Citizen’s commitment to making an excellent riding experience available to anyone who wants one. Despite its low cost, the Miami possesses many features above and beyond a basic folding bicycle. For instance, it is made of a quality steel frame, 6-speed gear shift, folding pedals, and foldable fenders. These features lend the bicycle an air of quality, sportiness, and usability.

The Miami is ideal for consumers who commute or bike for relatively short distances. For instance, the bicycle will fit nicely on the train or bus. Consumers who try to use the bike to ride longer distances or over rough terrain may find that the construction of the seat and handlebars make it less than comfortable to ride. In addition, the rear wheel is vulnerable to damage when going over rough roads. When used about town, however, the Miami provides a satisfying ride for an excellent price that makes it available to virtually any bike rider. While heavier than some of Citizen’s other bicycles, it is lighter than other folding bicycles. Once folded, it can be easily stored. Because of its folding design, low price, and extra features, the Miami is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable commuting bike.

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