Bike Helmets That Are The Best For Big Heads

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Bicycle helmets are a necessity for any bike rider. Unexpected events, such as loose dogs, car crashes, and road obstacles can create an accident in a moment. High quality bike helmets can protect the head and face in the event of such an accident, guarding against serious injury. One of the most important aspects that allow a helmet to protect the head effectively is a secure fit.

As a result, even riders with big heads need a helmet that will sit snugly, though they often struggle to find a product that will be large enough to give them the fit they need. The best helmets, especially for riders with large heads, will possess a system for adjusting the helmet, and/or come in a variety of sizes.

In addition, they will be solidly constructed, and possess features for maximizing coolness and comfort during the ride. These features may include multiple vents or effective linings. Other features to look for include price, facial protection, and a reputation for quality performance. The following helmets possess these features and have a proven track record of providing an excellent fit for riders who have larger heads.

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Schwinn Thrasher
Limar 757
Bell Fraction
Giros Savant
Giro Bishop XL

Giro Bishop XL Helmet

Giro Bishop XL HelmetThe Bishop helmet from Giro is an extra-large helmet designed to comfortably fit large heads. This helmet, which comes with a dial adjustment setting, can be tweaked for a perfect custom fit. Consumers report that this helmet fits well even when they have had difficulty finding helmets that fit their larger than average heads in the past. Consumers who use motorcycle helmets as large as XXXL find that the Bishop fits them comfortably. The Bishop, besides offering a comfortable and snug fit, also comes with 22 vents for maximum air flow while boasting a polycarbonate construction and EPS liner that provides excellent protection in the event of a crash. A visor that snaps on provides additional facial protection, while a reflector on the back of the helmet makes the rider more visible in the dark. Consumers report that the visor is sturdy enough to withstand minor impacts. The result is a high-quality, protective, and durable helmet designed for consumers with larger heads.

Limar 757 Bike Helmet

Limar 757 HelmetThe Limar 757 bike helmet is designed to provide a comfortable fit and excellent protection for riders who have large heads. Consumers with larger than average heads report achieving the right fit with this helmet. In order to provide a customized fit, the Limar comes with a dial adjuster in the back, which makes adjustment a simple matter of turning the dial. The helmet also adjusts up and down to accommodate various head heights. In addition to accommodating larger head sizes, the Limar is designed to be extremely lightweight. Consumers give the helmet positive reviews for its comfort and report that it feels no heavier than the average ball cap. In addition, it comes with padding for comfort and a bug-net for preventing bugs from entering the helmet. Twenty-four vents provide excellent air flow to keep the rider cool. The Limar also comes with a visor to guard the face, but that can also be removed if the rider prefers. The result is a high-quality protective helmet that is suitable for riders with larger heads.

Bell Fraction Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell FractionThe Bell Fraction helmet for youth is a stylish, sleek, and high-quality helmet for children and youth with all types of head sizes. The helmet comes in four sizes: Extra-small, small, medium, and large, fitting heads from 19 inches to almost 25 inches. In addition, it comes with a velcro adjustment strap to allow riders to easily adjust the helmet to the ideal size. Consumers report that this helmet provides many years of fit for children as they grow, because of the wide range of head sizes it accommodates. In addition, the helmet comes with three different types of padding that allow the rider to further adjust the fit as their head size grows. In addition to the comfortable, customized fit that it provides, the Fraction is made of plastic that offers good protection in the event of the crash and is suitable for both bike riding and skateboarding. Its 12 vents provide a high degree of coolness during the ride as well. The result is a high-performing, adjustable, and customizable helmet for youth of all ages.

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giros SavantThe Giros Savant road bike helmet offers riders a variety of sizes and a top-notch adjustment system to offer a snug and comfortable fit regardless of the size of the rider’s head. It comes in six sizes: Extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. In addition, it comes with Giros’ Roc Loc 5 adjustment system that consists of a dial on the back of the helmet and adjustable straps that allow the rider to adjust the tightness and height of the helmet. The result is a helmet that will fit even large heads comfortably. In addition, the Savant is praised by riders for its 25 vents that keep the rider’s head cool even on longer rides. Consumers also report that the helmet is very comfortable, as long as the straps are adjusted correctly, because of its good fit and its excellent ventilation. Other appealing features of this helmet include a polycarbonate shell for protection in the event of a crash and a stylish, lightweight design that makes it fun to wear. The result is a sleek, lightweight, and durable helmet that offers a customized fit for almost any head size.

Schwinn Thrasher Adult

Schwinn Thrasher AdultThe Thrasher bike helmet from Schwinn offers riders an excellent fit, even if they have big heads. The helmet does so by utilizing adjustable webbing and a dial system for adjusting the helmet. This dial system is called the Dual Fit system that consumers praise for being comfortable and capable of handling head sizes of at least 23 inches. In addition, the Thrasher possesses a stylish design that consumers report makes them feel less self-conscious and more confident while riding. Fit and style combine with performance in the Thrasher. This Schwinn helmet has a proven track record of protecting riders  from serious injury during crashes. A detachable visor adds protection and shading, while 21 vents provide excellent ventilation to keep riders cool. The helmet also creates a cool ride through the use of padding that directs moisture away from the rider’s skin. The Thrasher provides the customized fit, stylish appearance, high quality, and extensive cooling capabilities at an extremely affordable price of about $20. The result is an appealing bike helmet for riders of almost any head size and budget.

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