Top 8 Bicycle Helmet Lights For Commuting

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Are you a rider who loves to cycle at night? Do you encounter roads with minimal or no light coverage or ride mountain bikes off road? We have here compiled a list for you of bicycle helmet lights for commuting during the darkest hours of night. We have evaluated these lights from on the points of lumens, stability and sturdiness. Whether you need visibility in the darkest night or want the light that will last the longest time, these bicycle helmet lights will get you through it.

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Helmet Lights
Brightness [lumens]
Price [$ - $$$$]
Star Rating [Out of 5]

Xtreme Bright

MetroFlash Ignita

Coast HL4
60 - 344

Planet Bike 3042-1 Spok

Cygolite Expilion

Cygolite Turbo Mini

Sigma Quadro X / Tailblazer LED Combo

Serfas True 1000 Lumen

1. Coast HL4 LED Headlamp

With a wonderful combination of features like perfect brightness, low cost and long battery life, this headlamp makes perfect sense. This is especially true if you are looking for cheap solution for a head light. Additionally, Coast provides a lifetime guarantee against any fault in workmanship or material.

Coast HL4 LED Headlamp

The basic model of Coast HL4 comes has a 144 Lumens with the battery life of around 6 hours. The top model shines as bright as 344 Lumens and can stay on for around 19 hours. There are currently 8 options available with the Coast HL4 models. If you do not commute during the dark, then you’ll be fine getting a way with choosing the 144 Lumens or 175 Lumens models. Of course buying exactly what you need (and no more) always saves you money.

2. Planet Bike 3042-1 Spok LED Light Set

Spok provides a wonderful beam of light despite its small size, which is actually a hooded beam that graciously keeps light away from the cyclist’s eye. Boasting up to 100 hours of battery backup this helmet light can be visible to up to 1 mile. Its nylon hook and loop adjustable strap makes it perfect to fit anywhere on any kind of shape and size. It also comes with a translucent case which allows 220 degree visibility.

Planet Bike 3042-1 Spok LED Light Set

According to the manufacturer’s website, Planet Bike 3042-1 Spok LED light set uses CR2032 batteries (one for each light). As aforementioned, the battery can last up to 100 hours in ideal conditions. The dimensions of this set are approximately 4 x 4 x 4 inches. It only weighs around 7.4 ounces as per our scale.

3. Cygolite Expilion 400 Usb Rechargeable Headlight

With a blazing 400 lumens output Cygolite Expilion is your perfect companion in the dark. It uses XPD LED technology to give you the maximum brightness. It was also designed in a such a way as to avoid all unnecessary cable clutter. It can both be recharged via USB through wall outlet as well as computer (just like any other USB device).

Cygolite Expilion 400 Usb Rechargeable Headlight

It is not only a bicycle light, but it also comes with the handlebar mount and helmet mount so that you can place it in the location most convenient for you. Additionally, it has 7 different modes of brightness which cyclists can easily adjust per their needs. The weight of Cygolite Expilion 400 USB Rechargeable Headlight is only 8 ounces, so most don’t even notice a weight difference when it’s mounted onto their helmet.

4. Cygolite Turbo Mini 400 Lumen Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

With a Cree X Lamp LED light, the Cygolite Turbo Mini 400 throws the 400 lumens right into the face of those coming your way. It comes with 6 different modes of brightness, and its walking mode can last for 24 hours. With its very little weight and water resistance Cygolite Turbo Mini 400 is perfect for commuting at night and during rain.

Cygolite Turbo Mini 400 Lumen Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

The package comes with a Li-Ion battery, extension cable, smart charger, handlebar mount and helmet mounts. The dimension of this light is 2 X 1 X 1.5 inches.

5. MetroFlash Ignita USB Rechargeable HeadLight with USB Cable

Sleek, durable, affordable and lightweight are the words which may perfectly describe the MetroFlash Ignita. With the price at approximately $20.00 price tag, it is a very attractive option for a light with helmet mounting capacity. It also includes a low battery indicator and of course, is USB rechargeable.

MetroFlash Ignita USB Rechargeable HeadLight with USB Cable

The Ignita comes with 4 different mode of brightness: Super bright, boost, constant and flashing. For your convenience, it comes with helmet strap, seat post bracket, manual, and rubber pad.

6. Xtreme Bright Helmet Mount Light

This helmet mount light from Xtreme Bright is the best selling light on amazon. If you are looking for a gift for loved ones, then this one is the perfect choice. It comes with premium quality LED lights with a range of 500 feet. You can rest assured that cars both near and far will easily spot you.

Xtreme Bright Helmet Mount Light

The light is virtually fool proof as it is very easy to detach, and also can work as a normal flash light. The installation of the helmet mount light is also very easy, with not a single tool being required for either bike or helmet mounting. Currently on Amazon, the manufacturer provides A FREE TAIL LIGHT WITH EACH PURCHASE. The complete product weighs around 3.5 ounce and runs on AAA batteries.

7. Sigma Quadro X / Tailblazer LED Light Combo

This combo of head light and tail light is perfect for those who want the best quality at the minimum price. It comes with a 5w white LED which can run up to 80 hours in flashing mode. The headlight has 3 different mode of lighting, standard, high and flashing.

Sigma Quadro X / Tailblazer LED Light Combo

It can be mounted either on the handlebars, helmet or seat. The package includes a belt clip, mount for helmet/handlebars/seat, one head light, one tail light and the batteries. Both lights are water resistance as well.

8. Serfas True 1000 Lumen Headlight

This light is as bright as it is advertised. With its 1000 lumen output, it can light up the dark night like a bright summer day. Full charging time for the Serfas True is only 4 hours, which is very fast for a product with such a high output. Burn time for it will depend on the mode, but it can last up to 23 hours in a single charge.

Serfas True 1000 Lumen Headlight

Additionally, it has an air cooling system to increase the life span of both batteries and LED lights. The package includes both a handlebar mount and a helmet mount.

Thanks for reading our list of top 8 recommended bicycle helmet lighting for commuting. Do you use one of these lights, or do you feel that we left any top notch ones off the list? Please provide your valuable feedback in the comments below!

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