The Best 5 Apps for Mountain Bikers

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Every other person has smart phone this days and many mountain bikers are using the technology for keeping track of their activities. If you have a smart phone and loves mountain biking then keep reading to find out some of the top-notch apps to keep track of your workout and other activities.

Bicycle Apps

Bicycle Apps

1. Yodel App

This app is specifically designed to keep the mountain bikers safe. It used the GPS and location system built in iPhone and information provided about route by biker, it communicates about the route and return time with trusted contact from your list. With just one action Yodel communicate all the details with trusted source, that way the help can reach faster in case of injury or lost. It also has one touch SOS alert. The other features includes.

  • Neat user inerface.
  • Mail and SMS notifications.
  • Runs in background so less battery usage.
  • SOS alert.

To get the more information about the app visit their website.

2. Avenza’s PDF Maps App

Avenza has introduced first geospatial PDF reader for the iPhone users, it will let you plot points and map distance in woods. Sometimes there is no signal in woods but the good news is that this app don’t need cellular data or mobile signals for functioning. The interactive maps works fine without cellphone reception and mobile data. Map’s library is updated on the daily basis and shows the real world locations.

To know more about the app visit their website.

3. Atomic Softwares’ Bike Repair

By using Atomic’s new Bike Repair app you never will have to pay for the repairing for your bike, this app will teach you how to solve 42 different problems. This app will provide information on how you can solve your bike’s small issues within your garage like how to remove the wheel, how you can tighten the break or adjust shifting.

This app will also teach you how to maintain bike properly, what are the stuff needed to be taken care. There are step by step guides and lots of information on maintaining and repairing your bike on the go. Find out more about them from this website.

4. MapMyFitness

This app is used for tracking your workout details while you’re on bike, it tracks duration, distance, how much calories burned and what routes are taken etc. It utilizes the built-in GPS on the phone for collecting data and providing it in a way to get most out of it. it records route and displays on the Google Maps.

This app runs in a background and have pause feature so you could take the photos, call and sms while the app is running. Additionally it syncs your information to their site and it is a cyclist social network which can help you connect to the like minded bikers.

5. Cyclemeter App

Cyclemeter is basically a GPS stop watch, it tracks your workout, distance, speed and compares it to your past data. You can even have competition with yourself by comparing your previous best workout or other people’s workout. You can view your details on maps, calendars or graphs. There are options to share your details on social media as well as email.

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This was our list, what do you think? Did we miss any app? Do you have any suggestion to improve the list? Please comment your views.

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