Must-See Awesome Bicycle Concepts

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From past to future the concept of bicycles hasn’t changed much, a seat, pedal, two wheels and frame. While one shouldn’t try to change which is not broken, but here are custom-made bicycle concept.

1. Cube Urban Street Bike Concept

Do you love folding bikes ? Do you always argue that “I don’t have room for bicycle” ? then now your argument is invalid because of this awesome concept bike ! The design ditches the top stoy and seat tube from the traditional cycles, that can reduce a huge amount of weight from the cycle. It is designed by student of Coburg University Germany, lets hope that the concept transits into real life product.

Cube Urban Street Bike Concept

Cube Urban Street Bike Concept

2. Forkless Cruiser Bike Concept by Olli Erkkila

The ride looks confusing as the front fork is missing, it is not an advancement in the technology but it’s still something that we haven’t seen in past. Here is a photo gallery of the concept.

3. Artikar by Ben Wilson

A bicycle with four wheels and fluorescent enclosed lights. I call it a car with pedal, it has comfy seat and awesome looks. Wonderful design by Ben Wilson. Here have a look at the photo gallery.

4. Furious Sports Bike Concept

An awesome sports bike concept by Nenad Kostadinov, this time the experiment is done with down tube and top stoy by removing them. Unlike other bicycle concept this looks more sturdy and efficient. It has on board computer which displays lots of information about the ride.

5. Chris Boardman’s Intelligent Bike Concept

A solar-powered back up motor, on board computer, spoke free wheel design and finger print security are the features that made us include this concept bicycle in the list. The concept is designed to add all the future level functionality to the cycle and it looks super awesome !

Chris Boardman’s Intelligent Bike Concept

Chris Boardman’s Intelligent Bike Concept

 6. Ruiter Simplicity Bike Concept

Joey Ruiter is the developer of this concept bicycle, the cycle is based on the simplicity. The pair of two wheels, frame and handle is the only thing in the cycle. The chain is removed from the concept and the pedals are directly connected to the rear wheel. There is a simple bike computer for GPS to reach from point A to point B. Here are the photos of the cycle.

7. Peugeot B1k

Peugeot is not only awesome in creating top-notch automobiles but they have designed as awesome bicycles ! Their latest pride is B1K concept bike. Its a bicycle with joystick kind of handles with a raised seat and pedals attached to wheels directly, its a chain-less bicycle. It’s the sexiest bike I’ve ever seen.

 8. Eco 07 Bike by Victor Aleman

Another folding bicycle concept on the list, it looks fabulace, with its contracting colors from orange to gray it has awesome look when unfold. It is a full size bike but when you fold it, it becomes a suitcase and can be transported anywhere. Have a look at few photos of the concept.

 9. Dual System Bike Concept by Brian

Are you tired of  pedaling, here is an awesome concept by Brian. The cycle is combination of electric power with muscle power. It can help you pedal up the hills. Here have a look at the photo.

Dual System Bike Concept by Brian

Dual System Bike Concept by Brian

This are the concept bikes we thought are cool. Now, its your turn, did we miss any bikes? Do you have suggestions for any new concept bicycles? Do let us know in the comments.





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