7 Awesome Tips For Bike Commuters

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Keen to join the healthy lifestyle of Bike Commuters, here are few tips that would make your commute easy.

Bike Commuting Tips

Bike Commuter on Busy Road – Source

1. Route

After moving into new city and on the first day of the job I decided to go to work by riding a bike, I looked at Google Maps for my route for once, that was the mistake. I took wrong turn again and again. Then I decided to call my boss which I never met and told him that I will be late for first day.

Lesson learned was that do a test run in a new city and new place and always have route in your mobile, GPS or Cyclocomputer‎‎.

There are lots of online sources as well to help you decide the route, I personally prefer Strava, it also shows other people’s route to make your journey more interesting.

2. Be Safe

Riding a bicycle is normally safe activity, but when accident happens it can get very bad. I would suggest to be aware of and very careful of big vehicles like lorries. I would suggest to avoid riding on the front left side of lorry, specially near turns. Here have a look at the image.

being safe while cicyling

Being Safe While Riding Bike – Source

The red zone is the dangerous area, try to be on the rear side of the lorry it would be less dangerous.

3. Buy a Good Lock

Spending thousands of dollars on a new bikes is worthless if it gets stolen, so don’t economize on buying equipment for safety of the bike. Don’t go for those cheap locks they might save few bucks momentarily but don’t risk your costly bike.

We would suggest to buy this Kryptonite U-Lock it comes with top quality steel material with high intensity bulb if you need to open the lock in dark.

4. Be Prepared

You don’t want to walk when your bike’s tire get punctured or you don’t want to stay on the way if your bicycle has some issues ! Having extra tubes and portable pump with your bike will always help you at the time of need. There are lots of portable tool kits available in the market in which you can literally anything with your bike. We would suggest this kit for you, it comes with lots of tools and it has a small pouch which can be fit on any cycle very easily.


Bicycle Repair Kit

Bicycle Repair Kit

5. Maintain Your Bike

Prevention is always better then cure! Rather repairing your bike on the road, we would suggest you to give a little time to maintain it at home, give little oiling, and check tire pressures, replace break pads time to time. Learning the basics of repairing a bike will help you save lots of bucks on major issues.

6. Overtaking Vehicles

When driving in a city with lots of traffic you might come across with lots of slow drivers, always be sure when overtaking that they can see you ! NEVER try to overtake from the wrong side or a place where driver is not able to see you. This can be very dangerous with heavy vehicles.

7. Pack Smartly

Pack your stuff keeping in mind that you have to lift it the whole way, the stuff you’ll need while commuting would bike repair kit, a jacket, pair of gloves, a portable pump and few screws and nuts in case if you need a immediate fix. Other than that a water bottle and little food will do.

Did we miss anything? Do you have other tips to share? Do mention that in the comments and keep sharing the article.

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